Save Money on Ink and Reduce Printing Costs

Are you looking to save money on inks and cartridges? When money is tight, it can sometimes feel like printing costs add up far too quickly - so if you’re after a cost-effective solution to help you save money on ink and reduce your overall printing expenses, we strongly recommend Canon printers and ink cartridges. Using advanced inkjet technologies, their printers are designed to optimise ink usage, maximising the number of pages you can print with each cartridge, employing efficient ink application and high page yields, while minimising ink wastage and reducing the frequency of cartridge replacements. So if you’re looking for printing options that are as reliable as they are affordable, read on.

Ways to Save Money on Ink

Ways to Save Money on Ink

  • Choose the Right Printer
  • Print Regularly
  • Buy the Right Printer Cartridges
  • Buy Cartridges and Toners in Bulk
  • Print Preview Before Printing a Page
  • Print Double-Sided or Fewer Pages
  • Select Economical Paper
  • Economical Printer and Ink Options

Really want to tighten the belt? You can reduce your ink usage and effectively save money on printing costs over time by implementing the following strategies…

Choose the Right Printer

When purchasing a printer, it’s always recommended that you consider models with cost effective functions (such as the aforesaid Canon). Researching and comparing printers in advance can help you find a model that meets your printing needs while offering long-term economical mileage. Keep an eye out for models that are known for their efficiency, offer ink-saving features (ie. a separate colour cartridges function).

Print Regularly

Regularly using your printer helps prevent ink from drying out or clogging the nozzles. Inactive printers are more prone to ink wastage due to maintenance cycles and cleaning processes. Printing a few pages regularly keeps the ink flowing smoothly, reducing the chance of ink-related issues and the need for frequent cleaning.

Buy the Right Printer Cartridges

Ensure you're using the correct printer cartridges compatible with your printer model. Using genuine cartridges recommended by the manufacturer helps maintain print quality and avoid potential issues caused by using low-quality or incompatible cartridges. While genuine cartridges may have a higher upfront cost, they often provide better yield and performance, resulting in long-term savings.

Buy Cartridges and Toners in Bulk

Purchasing Canon ink cartridges and toners in bulk can be cost-effective, especially if you anticipate frequent printing needs. Many retailers offer discounted prices for bulk purchases, reducing the cost per ink cartridge. However, ensure that you have adequate storage conditions to maintain the quality and longevity of the cartridges.

Print Preview Before Printing a Page

Before hitting the print button, utilise the print preview option to ensure your document appears as intended. This helps avoid unnecessary reprints due to formatting errors, layout issues, or missing information. By previewing and making adjustments beforehand, you can reduce paper and ink waste.

Print Double-Sided or Fewer Pages

Opt for double-sided printing whenever possible, as it effectively reduces paper usage. Adjusting the settings to print multiple pages per sheet can also help minimise paper and ink consumption. Additionally, consider if printing a document is truly necessary, or if digital alternatives like email or electronic documents can fulfil your business needs.

Select Economical Paper

Choosing the right paper can contribute to cost savings. Consider using lightweight and cost-effective paper options, especially for drafts, internal documents, or materials that don't require high-quality prints. For professional or important printouts, select higher quality paper to maintain the desired presentation.

Turn off Your Printer Properly

When not in use, turn off your A3 printer properly instead of leaving it in standby mode. Printers often perform maintenance routines in standby mode, consuming small amounts of ink. By turning off the printer completely, you can minimise unnecessary ink usage and save money over time. You may also be surprised to learn that any electrical appliance - be it a printer, a TV or a phone charger - can still consume a small amount of energy while it’s inactive but still plugged in. This is known as “standby power” or “vampire power”; the exact amount of energy used in standby mode varies depending on the device, and while it is typically a tiny fraction of the energy consumed during active use, it can still add up over time. So if you really want to cut down on excess costs, consider also unplugging your printer when it's not in use.

Economical Printer and Ink Options

For our money, we think the Genuine Canon range really hits that sweet spot between premium quality and affordability. The Genuine Canon PIXMA PRO 10 is a professional-grade printer that is widely known for its richly pigmented ink, its exceptional print quality and its wide colour gamut. The Genuine Canon PIXMA IX6860 offers high-resolution printing and cost-effectiveness with its individual ink cartridges that are known for their accurate ink level alerts and their ability to produce crisp, sharp text. Meanwhile, the Genuine Canon i865 offers reliable performance and quality prints, and provides vivid colours that will both print and dry quickly, seldomly smudging or fading.

Why choose Canon printers and ink cartridges?

Why choose Canon printers and ink cartridges?

Canon printers and ink cartridges remain a consistently popular choice for businesses owing to their cost-effectiveness, high-quality printing, and overall reliability. Canon is world renowned for their track record in producing sharp and vibrant prints that result in perennially professional-looking documents and images. With a wide range of options available, Canon can cater to a wide range of different budget requirements, and their durable printers and premium ink cartridges are built to withstand heavy workloads, allowing businesses to print large volumes quickly. Some of their models even use refillable ink tanks that offer significant savings compared to traditional cartridges. Their printers are also compatible with various operating systems and devices, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. Combining that with their warranty coverage and software updates, it’s little wonder that the Canon brand remains a favourite for businesses both big and small.

They also have a wide range of options to select from; whether you’re after a sleek Canon BCI6BK Black Ink Tank, a premium Canon BCI6G Green Ink Tank, or a classy Canon BCI6M Magenta Ink, Canon’s got you covered. You can check out Canon ink cartridges here, and our full range of inks and toners here.