Printer toner cartridges

What is Printer Toner?

Printer toner is a powdery substance that is filled into a cartridge and is responsible for the functioning of a laser printer. Unlike liquid ink, which is used in ink printers, toner cartridges offer better, more accurate, and higher-quality prints. As the toner for the printer comes in powder form, it is less likely to spread and provides long-lasting printing results. 

That is why most businesses and households nowadays opt for a laser printer rather than an ink-jet printer. The need for toner cartridges arises when you regularly use the printer and the toner powder inside the cartridge gets finished. It can then be replaced with a new toner cartridge. 

So in this blog, we will discuss all you need to know about toner cartridges and the best toner cartridges of 2023. Let us start!

Things to Know About Toner Cartridges

know about toner cartridges

Before you go ahead with the purchase of toner cartridges, there are a few things to consider about them. Let us take each of them one by one and understand their importance to get the right result. 

Toner Colour Type

Foremostly, you must know about the different colours a printer uses. A black and white printer leverages only a single black colour to give you the print. In contrast, a coloured laser printer offers​​ CMYK colour first option where C is for Cyan (blue), M denotes Magenta, Y is for yellow, and K represents black. 

All other colours can be created with the combination of these four colours. So, ensure that the toner cartridge you purchase for your printer must have a CMYK colour code type to acquire the best outputs. 

Formation of the Toner

The next essential thing to keep in mind is the formation of your toner. Printer toners generally are formed using four essential components that are 

  • Colour pigments 
  • Synthetic resin 
  • Magnetisable metal oxides 
  • A small number of other substances like silicon and wax. 

The composition ratio for these substances varies from brand to brand and for the intended purposes. Usually, the average composition for the toner powder particles falls between 5 to 30 micrometres. So check the numbers before ordering a new toner cartridge for your printer. 

Printing Speed

The speed at which a printer prints is also partially dependent upon the ink you are using. Laser printers usually work with toner cartridges as they offer the best speed index to the printer. They are faster than ink-jet printers and also provide more accurate results. Besides, their ability to print and deliver more pages with quality results makes them apt for all printing operations. 

Anti Smudge Properties

You might have noticed often, the print that you take comes with accumulated dirt and smudges. It happens because the waste toner container gets full or is not cleaned properly over time. 

Another reason this might happen is faulty drum wiper blades or improper insertion of the toner cartridge. However, all these can be effortlessly corrected by taking corrective measures and using good-quality toner cartridges. 

Toner Removal From Skin & Clothes

The toner powder is crafted from fine particulates like metal oxides, pigments, resin, etc. These substances have the nature to dissolve quickly. Hence, if the toner gets spilled over your skin, you must immediately wash it with cold water. 

Conversely, if the toner is spilled on your clothes, shake it well to remove it from the clothes. Remember not to use warm water with toner, or do not vacuum the toner as it may disrupt your vacuum machine. 

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3 Best Toner Cartridges to Buy in 2023

Best Toner Cartridges

After in-depth research on the toner cartridges for printers, we have shortlisted the three best options that are ruling in 2023. Take a look at them:

Brother BN25X4PK / TN25x 4 Toner Cartridge Value Pack (Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow)

Brother BN25X4PK / TN25x 4 Toner Cartridge

Printing made fun, easy and qualitative with this brother BN25X4PK toner cartridge that leverages richly pigmented ink to deliver its prints. The toner is designed to help you print fast without compromising quality and get higher printing results. Having compatibility with most printers, this toner cartridge pack is all you need for your high-end printing needs. 


  • Reliable and compatible toner cartridges. 
  • CMYK colour code. 
  • Compatible with BROTHER HL 3150CDN , BROTHER HL 3170CDW , BROTHER MFC 9140CDN , BROTHER MFC 9330CDW , BROTHER MFC 9335CDW , BROTHER MFC 9340CDW printers.
  • Advanced ink technology. 

Canon CART040BKII Black High Yield Toner Cartridge

Canon CART040BKII Black High Yield Toner

Canon is one of the top printer brands globally. With its unique canon-built black high-yield toner cartridge, you can tremendously elevate your printing experience. It is a black colour-based toner cartridge that only produces black and white prints. 

The quality of the print generated by this toner cartridge is excellent, offering crisp and clear letters. The toner has a great lifespan and will provide countless prints for you. It is undoubtedly, one of the best value-for-money products in its range.  


  • Black colour only. 
  • Crisp, sharp, and clear text. 
  • No smudging. 
  • Compatible with CANON ImageCLASS LBP712CX printer. 

Brother TN443M Magenta Toner Cartridge

Brother Toner

Get quick, clear, and premium quality prints with this highly exceptional 4-toner cartridge designed for the ultimate printing experience. The toner is highly reliable, consistent, and perfect for acquiring quality outputs every time you print. The toner ink is created to avoid smudging and deliver sharp, crisp prints. In all, it is one of the best toner cartridges in its segment. 


  • Richly pigmented ink.
  • Compatible with BROTHER HL L8260CDW, BROTHER HL L8360CDW, BROTHER MFC L8690CDW, BROTHER MFC L8900CDW printers.
  • Accurate ink level alerts
  • Fast drying and fade-resistant. 

Is it Worth Buying Genuine Toner Cartridges?

Buying genuine toner cartridges

Coming down to the fundamental question, is it worth buying genuine toner cartridges? Absolutely Yes! As mentioned above in the blog, a toner cartridge is an essential parameter for your printing process. 

It ensures you get high-quality prints with better accuracy and optimal results. Hence, if you really care about your printing needs, choosing a genuine toner cartridge will enable you to get the best outputs from your printer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still print if the toner is low?

Yes. You can still print after receiving the low toner message from your printer. Though it signifies that your toner cartridge's life may be near the end. Hence, you should consider changing it. 

Does shaking a toner cartridge help?

Not necessarily, but sometimes the cartridge accumulates powder which gets dispersed on shaking. So you can shake the toner cartridge once and try to see if it works. If not, do not unnecessarily keep shaking the cartridge. 


It is pretty clear that leveraging the right toner cartridge can enable your printer to deliver the finest printing results. With a good toner option, you can optimise your printing to an extremely higher level. Inks and Toners is one of the leading Australian brands that offer the best toner & printer cartridges at affordable prices and the quickest turnaround time. So check out Inks and Toner’s store and find toner cartridges that suit you the best.