A quick guide to portable printers

We live in a world where many of us are always travelling around for work purposes. Think about the times when you needed to print an important document before meeting a client and you were nowhere near your office or any printer.

This is where portable printers come in.

Portable printers, also sometimes known as mobile printers, are handy devices that allow you to print while on the go. Although they may not be as powerful or have as many features as conventional printers, portable printers still offer quite a number of advantages.


Here are some benefits of portable printers:

Small size

Portable printers are smaller in size when compared to conventional printers. Some mobile photo printers can be as small as your pocket! Document-printing printers are larger, but still small and light enough to be carried with you when you move around.


Many portable printers come with an internal rechargeable battery or alternate power sources such as car adapter and USB. This means you are still able to print your documents even if you cannot find a wall power outlet.

Print anywhere

Portable printers are ideal for people who travel around frequently for business or those who work out in the field or at remote locations. For example, salespeople who need to print contracts or proposals while travelling from one business meeting to another, field service technicians who need to get documents printed immediately, or photographers who want to distribute their images on demand.

Easy PC-free printing

Most portable printers allow you to print from other devices besides laptops, such as smartphones, tablets or cameras. Some models also allow you to print directly from USB flash drives or SD cards, which is extremely handy if you do not want to power up your laptop.


Features to look out for when buying a portable printer

When choosing a portable printer, there are a few main features to consider:

  • Print speed and quality: Just because it is a smaller, mobile printer, doesn’t mean you need to settle on terrible print speed and quality. Some portable printers come with impressive print speed and can print good quality professional documents. Look for printers with 6 ppm and above, and a print resolution of at least 1200 x 1440 dpi.
  • Connectivity: Wireless connectivity, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will allow you to print from multiple devices without needing wires. Get models that are able to print directly from SD cards or USB flash drives if you want to print directly without using a laptop.
  • Power options: Portable printer power options usually include internal rechargeable batteries, AC adapters, car adapters.
  • Paper features: Check for the maximum paper loading capacity. Also, if you need to print in different sizes or paper stock, make sure that the printer supports that.
  • Durability: As your portable printer will be moving around with you a lot, you need to get one that is hardy enough to endure heavy use.


Portable Printers at Inks & Toners

 At Inks & Toners, we offer a number of portable printers, including:


Epson WorkForce WF-110

The WorkForce WF-110 is ultra light and one of the smallest portable printers in the world. It weighs only 1.59kg, and can easily fit into hand luggages or even briefcases. It is chargeable via USB or AC adapter, and has built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct.

 It also supports voice-activated printing through digital assistants including Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Use the WorkForce WF-110 to print images, presentations, contracts and other documents quickly and conveniently.


Canon PIXMA Mobile IP110

The PIXMA Mobile IP110 is a great solution for mobile offices. It prints high quality photos and documents, with fast printing speeds. Its wireless connectivity features allow you to connect with your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, PIXMA Cloud Link, Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.

The PIXMA Mobile IP110 also meets Energy Star efficiency guidelines, and comes with an auto power on and off feature.

To find out more about these portable printers, or to find a printing solution that suits your business requirements, please get in touch with Inks & Toners today.